Scale models and miniatures recreating original filming miniatures, vehicles and props from film and television.

Based in the U.K, I have many years of experience taking commissions, restorations, renovations and repairs for public museums and private collectors from all over the world.  Browse the Completed Builds section above to see just a few examples of the many completed projects I have built over the years.

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It seems my inventory has become mostly invisible to anyone trying to find them through searches on eBay's international sites (, .de, .fr etc.)

I have no idea why this is the case - my entire inventory is still available, but can only be viewed on!

Please click the link below to be taken directly to my eBay store:

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I'm very pleased to announce that the entire catalogue of MPM resin parts and vinyl paint mask sets will soon be available to buy online through the Federation Models website.

Federation Models has been one of the corner stones and go-to websites for sci-fi "garage kits" and aftermarket upgrade products for decades and I'm very excited to be added to their list of brands. The initial stock order samples are currently being produced and we're working very hard to get everything ready and available by mid-February.

I will still be taking orders directly through my usual channels (social media, website, eBay store) but strongly encourage U.S customers to be patient for a few weeks and order through Federation Models once everything is live on their site.



AMT 1:3200 Romulan D'Deridex Warbird upgrade parts

The AMT Romulan Warbird kit has been around for decades, but has

always been overlooked in terms of upgrade parts. I've always loved

this design and thought it was about time to give the kit some extra help!

This set makes lighting the multitude of windows on this ship far easier

and includes several details which are missing on the stock kit. The main "head" and "tail" parts are cast in translucent resin, with internal cavities provided in the "head" halves to easily install any lighting components. Extra surface detailing has been added to the "head" parts to more

closely replicate the original filming miniature.

The set also includes several plant-on parts which address some of the missing details on the nacelles and lower hull stock kit parts. The nacelle side details are visible in some reference photos but missing in others, leading me to believe that only one side of the filming model had them. The set includes 2 of these parts, so the choice is yours!

Set includes:
2 X Head halves (Right & Left sides)
1 X Tail part
4 X Lower hull plant-on detail parts
2 X Nacelle sides plant on detail parts

Go to the Romulan Warbird upgrades page to order

ROMWB Set 01.jpg
ROMWB Set 04.jpg
Set Preview 05.jpg
ROMWB Set 02.jpg


Revell 1:72 Razor Crest parts


These clear resin parts will make lighting those HUGE engines much easier!

These parts drop-in without the need to modify the surrounding kit parts. A set of paint masks will also be included, to protect the areas to be lit during construction.


More information to come soon...

Razor preview 03.jpg
Razor preview 02.jpg

Galaxy Class resin upgrades


The Galaxy Class resin parts are now available at a greatly reduced price!

V1 Set - £70 down to £50

V2 Set - £75 down to £55

Individual prices also reduced!

See Upgrade Parts page to see the full updated price list

1/1400 Scale Galaxy Class Aztec Paint Mask Sets


The sets are made using the highest quality professional grade automotive Oramask 810 masking vinyl, and are available in 2 options:

Complete 4 colour “Generations” Aztec (18 vinyl sheets + 6 transfer sheets) - £50

2 colour TV series version (6 vinyl sheets + 6 transfer sheets) - £30

See Upgrade Parts page for more information and to place an order

4 tone set 01.jpg