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1/72 scale (approx)

Seeing Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" on the biggest IMAX screen in the U.K really left it's mark and I pre-ordered Moebius Model's 1/72 scale Ranger kit as soon as it was announced!


Several aspects of the kit were modified to make it a little more accurate to the filming miniature and allow for lighting. The manoeuvring jet nozzles were modified to be more accurate, the window panels were cut out and replaced and thermal shielding tiles were added to areas of the surface. The main engine thrusters were lit, as were the side and front landing spotlights. Surface panel lines, general weathering and paint chipping effects were added to give the model an aged-down/worn look. The model has a temporary icy-rock planet-like display base, I intend to replace this eventually with something more elaborate. I also added a tiny scratch built 1/72 scale CASE robot to the display (couldn't resist!)


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