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"Star Trek:

  Deep Space Nine"

1/3300 Scale (approx)

I was commissioned by a collector in Germany to build a replica of the "Deep Space Nine" space station, featured in the TV series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", to replace the previous one being displayed in his privately owned Star Trek museum.


This new version was to be fully lighted, including flood lighting on the docking pylons, flashing anti-collision markers at multiple positions on the station, lit windows and a pulsating reactor core.  Round2/AMT's 1/3300 scale kit was heavily modified to incorporate all of the lighting features and add much needed extra detail.


The model was further detailed with very subtle surface panelling, pencil lines and aging/weathering, using the 1st Season opening credits sequence as main reference. The finer panel detailing is so subtle that it is barely visible in most of the photo's, but really helps to sell the scale when viewed with the naked eye.


In total, the build took roughly 250+ hours to complete

DS9 complete 03.jpg
DS9 complete 02.jpg
DS9 complete 01.jpg
DS9 complete 04.jpg
DS9 complete 05.jpg
DS9 complete 09.jpg
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