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Star Trek: Generations

U.S.S Enterprise D

1/1400 scale (approx)

This was built for a client using AMT/Round2's 1/1400 scale kit and was heavily modified to recreate the 6’ miniature, as it appeared in the movie "Star Trek Generations". It features a fully detachable saucer and can be displayed in both configurations.

Some aftermarket upgrades were used, such as DLM’s photoetched brass details, JT Graphics decals and Tetryon’s accurate neck piece & nacelle pod details (most, if not all, of these upgrade parts are now no longer available). The surface was sanded smooth to remove the raised details and many other aspects were modified to improve the accuracy of the finished model, including the rear nacelle pylon “wing” thickness, strongback details, missing windows, main shuttle bay door and others. Custom decals were also used to recreate the missing saucer and secondary hull rim windows.

The lighting system includes accurate position marker lights, accurate anti-collision strobe positions and flash rate, screen accurate lighted windows (with a few exceptions due to internal structural re-enforcements) separately operated blue arboretum windows and saucer impulse engines, main deflector dish and engine nacelles. The lighting system is fully operational in both display modes. The upper B/C deck was modified to become a removable piece to gain access to the interior of the saucer to swap electrical connections, and operate the saucer impulse engines and arboretum windows when required.

Many reference sources were used to try to recreate the 4 tone Aztec pattern as closely as possible. A custom set of paint masks were handmade to apply each layer of colour, one after the other (21 A4 sheets in total) and all paint tones were custom mixed. This was one of the most difficult and time consuming processes of the entire project. All other details were painted using custom colours to get as close to the original as possible.

In total this built took 400+ hours to complete

Enterprise D Generations 11.jpg
Enterprise D Generations 13.jpg
Enterprise D Generations 09.jpg
Enterprise D Generations 08.jpg
Enterprise D Generations 05.jpg
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