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"Star Trek II:

The Wrath of Khan"


U.S.S Reliant

1/537 scale (approx)

This started out as a basic project using AMT's 1/537 scale kit with no plans to use upgrade parts, no corrections of inaccurate/missing details and with only a very basic lighting system. The main intention was to develop custom paint masks with a new cutting machine, using this kit as a test-bed.

However, the project quickly became more complex!  All cabin windows were drilled out and refilled with clear epoxy resin. Some missing key details were added, including the saucer side docking ports, conference room windows behind the bridge, and some existing details were improved or replaced with scratchbuilt alternatives, such as the nacelle front grilles, saucer shoulder deflector "lumps" and nacelle rear fins.

A full set of "aztec" surface panelling paint masks were developed, including patterns for second and third layers to further break up the main panels. Stencils were also made for other details like the saucer rim sensor strips, RCS thrusters and "rollbar" panelling, etc.

The kit supplied decal sheet is very basic, so a set of custom decals was created to provide a lot of the missing details. Multiple red pinstripes, sensor bands, marker light outlines and impulse grilles were all added.

A basic satin black display base with a brass support tube was built. The lighting control board was fitted underneath the base for ease of access should anything go wrong with the board, or if any reprogramming is required in the future. A 9v DC power supply input jack and main switch was fitted to the back right corner of the base.

There are a few things that would have been done differently if the initial intent was to be as accurate as possible to the original miniature, but I think these small issues don't detract too much from the finished model.

This model is now on display in a Star Trek museum in Germany.

Reliant 001.jpg
Reliant 002.jpg
Reliant 004.jpg
Reliant 005.jpg
Reliant 003.jpg
Reliant 007.jpg
Reliant 010.jpg
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