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Star Trek

Shuttlecraft Galileo

1/25 scale (approx)

This was built using a 1/25(ish) scale resin kit from Randy Cooper. The build required a lot of work to whip the kit parts into shape and to include the necessary lighting effects. Some kit parts were swapped out for scratchbuilt replacements, including some interior detailing, control panels and landing feet. The interior floor was "carpeted" using a very fine flocked material.

The lighting effects are not absolutely screen accurate and some creative licence was taken to add extra visual interest, including a colour changing effect in the main control console and a flowing energy effect for the front of the engines.

The shuttle is now on display in a Star Trek museum in Germany

Galileo 05.jpg
Galileo 08.jpg
Galileo 09.jpg
Galileo 10.jpg
Galileo 12.jpg
Galileo 01.jpg
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