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Star Wars



Star Destroyer

1/2700 scale (approx)

Built using the Revell/Zvezda 1/2700 scale kit, with a large amount of missing details being added using "traditional" kit-bashing and scratch building techniques. The rear engine wedge in particular needed a lot of extra "greeblies" and piping using styrene rod, metal wires and lots of kit-bashed parts from old warship and military model kits. Detailing was also added to the back of the conning tower neck, including a scratch built waste disposal hatch (which is missing in the stock kit), and various other areas all over the model. Scratch built replacements for the main hanger bay walls were also made to better reflect the original miniature.

Due to the uneven centre of gravity in the ship design the model has an internal armature, making it very strong and stable on the display base.

The lighting system includes countless windows created using hundreds of metres of fibreoptic strands, a fully lit hangar bay, side trench flood lights and an ignition & burn animation effect for the main engine thrusters. There is a hidden USB port to reprogram the arduino if needed in the future (concealed behind one of the side docking ports) as well as an access panel to remove the arduino board itself in case of failure etc. The lit display plaque was made using clear perspex and a custom vinyl stencil.

Paint detailing was kept to a minimum to try to preserve the scale illusion (as was the original miniature), with all panelling kept very subtle and almost invisible without close inspection.

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