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"Star Trek VI:
The Undiscovered Country"
U.S.S Enterprise

1/537 scale

Built for a private collection using the infamous AMT 1/537 scale kit, this was quite a challenging project as the stock kit is well known for being problematic and wildly inaccurate! A wide range of aftermarket resin upgrade parts, several etched brass sets and upgraded decal sheets were used, as well as a huge amount of modifications to correct and improve the overall accuracy of the surface features. An extensive lighting system was created which features an Impulse - Warp - Impulse mode transition, a twin photon torpedo firing effect and a "Spacedock Start-up", which recreates the sequence seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the ship leaves the dock for the first time. The client requested that the model capture the overall look and feel of the ship as seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, so more muted colours were used in the paint work.

A 10-part video series of the project can be found on the MPM Youtube Channel, click here

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