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Star Trek: Generations

USS Enterprise D Filming Miniature Recreation

1/1400 scale (approx)

Another 1/1400 scale Enterprise D, but this one will be the most extensively modified and in-depth version yet.  The goal is to recreate the original 6' filming miniature as it was seen in the film "Star Trek: Generations" as closely as possible.

This will be an extremely in-depth project. All of the usual modifications from past projects will be included, as well as many more comprehensive modifications not yet attempted on this kit. I have also developed a set of replacement parts (see them
here) to address the many inaccuracies of the stock kit. A complete masking set is being developed to paint the most screen accurate recreation of the complex "aztec" panelling possible.  This mask set is NOT based on AMT/Round2's wallpaper decals as they use repeated and mirrored patterns, and are not screen accurate. They will be developed from scratch using my old hand drawn mask designs as a starting point.

The project is also the first full build series on the MPM Youtube channel.  Watch the series below, or go to the MPM Youtube Channel.

Part 1

Project Overview

Part 2

Creating new window recesses

Part 3

Scribing new gridlines

Part 4

Upper secondary hull clean-up

Part 5

Lighting the secondary hull

Part 6

Assembling the secondary hull

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